The healing power of lychee

Lychees vitamin explosion

Lychee is bursting with vitamins . Lychee is an excellent source of vitamin C. 80 Gram Lychee is enough for the Recommended Daily Allowance of Vitamin C. Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and B11 are also found in the lychee in large quantities. It also contains the minerals potassium , copper and phosphorus to a large extent. There are many healthy polyphenols , such as Cyanidin-3-glucoside, an important anthocyanin, and malvidin-3-glucoside is present to a lesser extent. Cyanidin-3-glucoside is a substance that according to scientific articles is absorbed very efficiently in the body and works preventively against lung cancer and leukemia. ideal weight loss diet plan

Good for the liver

Lychees are good for the liver. Scientific research on rats shows that after the submission of substances from the lychee the rats better arm themselves when they ingest a toxic substance such as tetrachloromethane (stain water). The liver was quicker to create serums that removed the poison from the body of rats. From this it is concluded by the researchers that lychee enhances the purifying effect of the liver.

Lychee against candida

Lychee has also been tested for its effect against candida. It turned out that the litchi fruit is the fungus candida the boss. The polyphenol oligonol is responsible for this. This highly effective phytonutrient prevents the flu. A few lychees a day keep the flu out of the door.

Diabetes type 2

The first studies indicate a positive effect of the lychee on type 2 diabetes . The disease would reduce the risk of diabetes. It was found in a scientific study on mice that there were fewer inflammations at the cell level that ultimately lead to diabetes. Oligonol acts as a kind of regulator of processes that prevent diabetes. Clearly, lipid oxidation was observed in the kidneys. The ROS levels (oxygen radicals) in the kidneys were also much lower after taking oligonol, which is again good news for diabetic patients.

Good for the heart

Lychee tea is a good way to prevent cardiovascular problems . In the United States, research has been conducted into drinking black tea with lychee flavor. It turned out that people who drank 4 cups of lychee tea a day for a month had significantly less problems with poorly functioning blood vessels. It is against blood clotting. Therefore, lychee is good for the heart that makes the blood flow through the vessels. The effect already occurred when people had drunk one and a half cups of black lychee tea.

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