Q:-what’s the helicopter gross weight and useful load?
……….A:-Max gross weight is 2500 pounds. Useful load is 699.25 Pounds.
Q:-What range and fuel consumption can I expect?
………A:-Usable fuel is 22 Imperial gallons; average fuel consumption is 10 GPH, Cruise air-speed 74 mph. Max.Range over 150 miles.
Q:-Can a bigger fuel load be carried?
……..A:-Yes, N780ND has a16 Imperial gallon optional Aux.tank . This hangs off the port side of the engine basket. Total Max Range will increase to over 250 miles
Q:-Give me the minimum dimensions I need to hangar it?
…….A:-Overall length is 12.41m (40.7ft); you will have to allow 3.05m (10 ft) for width (Rotor paddles).Highest Point, Top of the Rotor Mast 3.08m (10.1ft).
Q:-Everybody knows helicopter have many “life” parts, What’s the situation with the UH12?
……….A:-The UH12 has just two time replacement parts; The Tail Rotor assembly and Paddle Cuffs.
Q:-What is a realistic operating cost per hour?
……….A:-Based on 100 hours pa; Operating costs approx £85ph.
Q:-Was the helicopter supplied as a kit?
……….A:-No, the helicopter is fully built, test flown and signed off Prior to your collection. Normal category airworthiness certificate issued.
Q:-Where can I get an insurance quote for the UH12?
……….A:-We use Hayward’s Aviation 020 7902 7800
Q:-Can you offer training on the Hiller UH12?
……….A:-No, But you can learn in the UK or it is much cheaper in the USA, I can fully advise and help anyone interested get the right training or there license converted to a type rating for this Machine. I have personally trained in the USA and UK so have the experience to help you make the right choice for training.
Q:-How Do you register an American N Registered UH12?
……….A:-Again I can help with all this, It is actually very easy and inexpensive.

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